Friday, 4 May 2012

Election Special: No Overall Control

Today we are in the studio with an election special, broadcasting the election results to St Albans. 40% of the residents in the St Albans district turned out to have their voices heard and their votes counted. This is above the national average, with the expected turnout to be a mere 30%

Nationally Labour is expected to gain over 700 seats and has taken control of more than 20 local councils. St Albans however bucks this trend. Last year we saw the Lib Dem controlled council changed with no party having overall control, and this has remained the case with this years election results.

The Conservatives remain with a majority of the seats in St Albans, with 29 in total. The Liberal Democrats lost 4 seats, bringing their total number of seats down to 19. Labour on the other hand gained 4 seats, bringing their total number of seats up to 8.

So, the overall picture for St Albans is that the majority of us still vote for the Conservatives, who maintain 50% of the council seats. It would be expected that with such a high proportion of our votes going towards the Conservative party, we will soon have a Conservative controlled government, which has not been seen since 1991.

And though Labour has gained 4 seats, we have never had a Labour controlled council before and it is unlikely that we will do in the near future - unless our voting preferances change drastically over the next few years. However, the share of the vote going to the Conservatives has fallen across the district down to 38% from 43%.

The turnout within the St Albans district was varied to say the least. London Colney ward 1 residents turned out in the masses to vote, with 67% of residents voting. In this ward the voting was particularly close between the victorious Conservatives, who recieved 912 votes in comparison to Labour who lost by 99 votes, recieving 813 votes.

In contrary to the high turn out in London Colney, the lowest turn out across the district was in Harpenden East where the turn out was just 32%. Conservative Rosemary Farmer was victorious in this area with a 31% share of the vote. All of the Harpenden seats remain in Torie hands.

Independent candidate Tony Swedell will remain in his Redbourn seat for a fourth term after winnning 1174 votes, a 60% share of the votes.

Further afield Welwyn & Hatfield council remains under Conservative control with a majority of 26. Stevenage however, remains under Labour control with a majority of 15 votes.Stevenage has been under Labour control since 1973 and this does not look like its changing any time soon.


  1. John Stevenson will have a special election edition of Friday Focus with all the main party leaders from 2pm today, only on Radio Verulam

  2. If the Conservative share of the vote has fallen to 38% (from 43%), then the majority of us *don't* vote Conservative. A majority needs to be at least 50%. You mean the largest proportion of us do.